Cly/Suva -Estonia

AV demonstration (in workshop/presentation program):
A web browser based audiovisual demonstration based on photography of spring in estonia and realtime JavaScript visual effects. Music is composed specifically for the visual project.
It was first presented at Revision demoparty in Germany, Saarbrücken, and won a second place in webbrowser demo competition.

Tallinn Subway is a musical mixture of Techno, House and Dark Electro.
Using various sampling and effect technologies the creator of the project, Cly/Suva, takes the listener through a sonic adventure of what was, what might be and what could have been.









David Blair (VJ KodeK) -UK

UK based Photographer, Filmmaker and Motion Graphic Designer David

Blair will resurrect VJ KodeK for Project Pixel and present his
2009/2010 Glastonbury headline
visuals performance. In addition David will show some previous feature
length video mixes.












Kimberley Bianca (Azured Vault/ Disaster Girl) -Australia

Kimberley Bianca is an intermedia artist integrating poetry, performance, visual art, sound and digital media.

VDMX5 demonstration – 30min
Introduction to this customisable modular VJ program. It is currently Mac compatible only.
Please download trial

Waterwheel demonstration – 1 hour
WATERWHEEL is an interactive, collaborative platform for creating and sharing content on the subject and theme of water. The project, initiated in Australia by Suzon Fuks and developed in collaboration with Inkahoots and Igneous, fosters creativity, collaboration and inter-cultural-generational exchange. Powered by the WATERWHEEL, the Tap is an online, real-time venue and forum, workshop and stage for live networked performance and presentation. Here you can create and collaborate, rehearse and remix, present and exchange, participate and communicate—privately as a crew or publicly with an audience. The Tap provides tools for live networking and real-time media mixing.
All functions will be explained. Please sign up to water-wheel at:


Disaster Girl – 30min

A thematic and improvised set incorporating experimental music, vocal poetry and visuals.
DISASTER GIRL illustrates a surreal and uninhibited vision of life surrounding a major global catastrophe.




Koen De Nobele (Tashtec) -Belgium

Live visuals, videomapping & visual arts

During the last years Art-tec has specialised himself in directing and stage management, aswell for exhibitions, multi camera-recordings,video clips,…
Art-tec has a knowledge of many different cultures, which is noticable in his visuals.
His visuals are always unique, interesting and fully adapted to the music. Since he met Tasha he start a colab “TASHTEC

Arkaos demonstration – 30min

Koen will show the tools and possibilities of Arkaos Grand VJ application used for performance and video mixing on the fly

Please download the trial from:









Rose Staff (Vj Radiance) -Australia

Rose Staff is a media visual artist, VJ and graphic designer. Her practice explores the realms of digital video, photo animation, illustration, print media and temporal installations. Through experimental hybrids of traditional and digital art forms, she explores how contemporary phenomena such as communication technologies and audio-visual space influence our perception of the modern world.

Resolume demonstration – 30min
This introductory workshop will explore the Resolume platform that is used for manipulating video with realtime effects, live performance and video installations
Please download the Resolume Arena 4 trial










Samuli Råman  – Finland

Finnish artist and animator with MA Animation Estonian Academy of Arts

Samuli will give a workshop on  experimental animation with Adobe Flash














DJ Moonglow

DJ Moonglow aims to relax your core with psychedelic and ethno dub influenced chillout. Fresh to mixing with a strong background in bass-guitar, his debut at Free Love Festival 2010 opened up new horizons in music creating mystical atmospheres.















Nore-b (Syn[th]drom community): deejay and promoter. performs hard techno, rythm’n’noise, dark ambient and techno-industrial. Used to play on russian, german, estonian and latvian scenes with such projects as iszoloscope, darkrad, uterus incected, d-ceptor, hummerhead















Kosher – tech/progressive house producer. DJ since 2011. Styles: tech/progressive house, minimal techno, fullon/progressive psy-trance